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So for a while now I have been drawing Other Peoples arts and chars.  That is, i look at them ,and free-hand them myself.  Well, I realized that I wont get a good idea of good art by doing fan art, so I am going to try to hold back on fan arts and work on my own original arts and chars.

So the quality may not be that great, because for some reason, when it comes to me doing my own art, my brain just hits art block.   But when I see other arts I can draw it good.   It's odd.

so :iconwoooo401: asked me how i was doing by email...
Eva: "you ok?"
Me: "Yeah, how about you?"
Eva: "chillin"

My Brain does this to me...
chillin out maxin and relaxin
all cool
shooting some b-ball
outside of the school
when a couple of guys
they were up to no good
starting making trouble 
in my neighborhood
i got in one little fight
and my ma go scared
she said
"your moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air"


this pops in to my head every time someone says "chillin" to me.

I'm going to have to set up a PWYW paypal I think for the bobbleheads... just.. wow. People like them?

I think I will do a Picarto livestream tonight and post the link here so people can see my draw a bobblehead (and enjoy some good musics :D)

I did one request today, I have two more from FB peeps, and I have done about 6 requests so far, and one bobblehead can take between 1-3 hours...

Just... WHY?

Going to try to do an art live stream at this site, join if you wanna.  I may or may not see the chat happen in the chat room built in, as how i am still new to it.

Maybe only going to be doing this for an hour...…
Ok so here is the download for the local "NewTab", I am linking it here and in the original deviation post. 

I most likley do NOT need ot say this because lets be honest, if you are download this then you already know how to configure HTML.
A> You CAN change the background, open up style.css, look in like the first four lines, you will see the file name.  Change it out to an online link OR just drop whatever pic that you want in to the folder, and change the file name in the code.
B> You can edit the links in the index.html file to whatever.  you can add or remove 'linksbox' as you want, adding removes horizontal space of the boxes, removing them makes the boxes bigger.  it's a set width.
C> For Chrome you need an extension called "NewTab Redirect" (link at bottom).  install that, go to it's options, set up the path of where ever you have the page stored at.  save it, and when you click the new tab button, the local page should show up.

NewTab Redirect >…
NewTab-Desktop >…
i just un-stored all of my everythings on dA. 90% of all apps are vb6. feel free to decompile and do whatever, or run the apps if you want to try to.

Have fun.

Ok so I don't normally do this, but just once I will.  For those of you that do not know, I work with a local Cat Rescue agency called Alley Cats and Angels of NC.  I foster.  I currently have some 25+ cats in the house, almost all fosters.  But during the last Cat Capture of Feral cats for what is known ad a "T&R" (Trap & Return the cats, Neutered) we found these poor guys.

The pictures are a little graphic but this is after 4-7 days of treatment for their eyes (they were caught between 8/27 and 8/31). Long Ben (the gray kitten) is scheduled for surgery this week. Calico Jack (the brown tabby) and Mary Read (the tabby/torbie) are scheduled for surgery next week. Anne Bonny has to gain weight before her surgery so it will be in two weeks. We're working to save Calico Jack's eye, which can often cost more than surgery - but if the eye can be saved, it needs to be saved. Blackbeard (the little orange fluffy) is the only kitten without eye issues.

Please consider a donation today.…
Have a lot of images you want zipped up in a folder?
say in a sub-folder dir?

======result====== (.cbz) (.cbz)

this script when put in the main folder, that has all of the sub-folders, will zip up the folders and name each zip file the name of the original folder.

Needs 7-zip, also, it renames the .zip to .cbz, a compressed image archive, that with the help of a special viewer, like CDisplayEX, can open, read, then remove the extracted files after closing.

Anyway, this is good for saving space.  I have 8GB of pictures in several folders, ran this through the one folder that had the sub-directories, and n  the end, gained back 814MB of space, thats almost 1GB recovered.

feel free to edit the script at the bottom to remove the 
ren *.zip *.cbz
to remove the renaming, and keep zip files as a zip file
ok so between having 8 foster kittens in the past weeks, I had a bit more time to work on the game.  

a. I have the "menu" window done, when you make a simple char, choose difficulty, and start playing.
b. getting to the level down ladder correctly calls the Generate Next Level, then it loads it up, and levels are good, so.. yeah, more then a simple test level now.

with Difficulty, harder enemies will show up quicker.  on level 1 you have have a lot of 1-3 hp creatures on normal or hard, but get up to level 3 or 4 and you really can die in combat.  on easy, however, yeah, it's a walk in the park... almost to easy, really.


a."End of combat" music added, however, I have to fix that, it will only play once, then never again, odd.
b. pressing un-defined keys during combat lets you cycle through enemies,meaning that you can "choose" a weaker enemy and kill it... yeah, MUST FIX THIS.   Need a boolean to say if i am in combat or not.

a. more tiles.  add in random treasure tiles.. like how link can cut grass to get rupees, you know?
b. add in more treasure types outside of weapon dmg +1 and hp=hp +1. (nd ofcource the chance at an empty chest)

current as of 2/14/14.…
no code work done for ABCDEFG, but that is ok, i have to start looking for tile graphics for the actual game. suggestions welcomed. going to hit up opengameart's site.

if you see or know of a great, free for use in private or commercial tilesets, lease leave me a link.  preferred "16-bit" looking tilesets, but really, anything will work.   Currently giving thought to DawnHack_3's set and style (that is the set's name), see here...

The tileset can be on OGA or here on dA, or anywhere, really...

Suggestions?  PLZ?

So I have been VERY inactive for a while now, and I may have mentioned it before, but I moved from where I was to a new house some half-hour down the road.  Not a huge move, granted, but still a move.  It afforded me chance to clean out my everything, and that felt good, I honestly threw away about 50% of everything I owned I think.

I will admit, I feel no urges at all to write apps any more, maybe I feel as if I have made my very minor dent in the world, I mean, I did get a few new people to start writing code, so I guess that is a legacy, maybe.  

I have three kittens now, as how Randy was put to sleep due to Renal Failure, she toughed it out for 8 months, I gave her IV fluids every single night, along with special cat food and other medicines.

Anyway, the Kittens, two female, one male, their names are Flora (Tuxedo cat, Medium Hair, Female), Merryweather (Grey/Creme Domestic Medium Hair, Female), and Prince Tom Mato (Ginger/White, Domestic Medium Hair, Male) ... Yeah, Tom Mato's original name was Tomato, hence the pun.  The "Prince" is because the two girls are named from the faeries from Snow White.  So yeah, Faeries and a Prince.

At some time I will post pics of each just for the AAAWWW's.

I have also taken notice that I am not on the internet at all like how I used to be, I check dA once every 3-5 days it seems, I do my FB once a night, and pretty much everything else has been forgotten about.   Kittens demand a lot of time, it seems.

Oh, I do have Minecraft of the XBox 360, if anyone wants me to friend them for them to build with me.  I don't really do MC on the PC anymore, mostly because the laptop is just a media file server now for two PC's, another laptop, a Roku, an XBox 360, two android tablets and an android cell.   Not all of that is mine, not at all.  (some friends connect by Plex and watch some videos... often)

So yeah, I think if i tried playing MC on it, the Laptop may explode.

Anyway, if you wanna add me on the XBox 360 for some MC fun, search for SoloVillain, that's me.

Oh, and, uhhh... happy New Year!
Ok, well, moving in a few weeks, no internet... took this chance to get the new 2013 model of the XBox 360.  It should be noted that I have had an original Wii and a few handheld systems, and I had an original XBOX that was DOA when I got it...

So I know that the system has a LOT of games, and is also mostly backwards compatible with the original XBox, Any game suggestions?

I like "Retro" games (AKA from my childhood.. Mario, Sonic, Midway games, etc...) and also Castlevania games, side-scrollers, airplane Shoot-em-ups...  Not that big in to the FPS shooters, I can do some game sin the style of Marvel Ult. Alliance and the Batman games.

So yeah, any games suggestions?

Oh, yeah, I got the system, w/shipping, for $130. it is confirmed Unopened/In pristine condition.  It retails for about $200.  Yay eBay.

Finally, I can be one of the Cool Kids!
Ok, so I am starting to get that familiar itch...  the one where I have a very minor idea, and I may want to play with it, but it means installing Visual Studio....  possibly.

The idea is to take the mDNS code and add in tunlr to it, or t o just take the mDNS code and make a tunlr version only...

Possibly.  Maybe.  I have had this idea for a week, and it ha snot left me yet, and the itch to start programming again is growing...  Lets see what happens, if I break down and install VS.
So I have not made any apps in a while, and honestly, I am ok with that.  

So I am going back to drawing... kind of.

You see, I always liked to draw, but then I was 13 I got in to programming... so my drawing skills are "stuck" at more or less 12 year old me.  And I miss drawing.  

But having recently acquired a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, I have decided to start up my drawing again.. digitally.  I have Photoshop Touch and Sketchbook Pro now for the tablet, and a fairly cheap stylus (need to get a better one...), and I am going through the lessons on each.

So if I happen to post digital art, that I am sure for the first year will look like a 12 year old took an emotional dump by way of horrible eye-hand coordination.. yeah, that's me.

I am still interested in programming, don't worry... I just want to do real art again.  Or as close as I can get with a tablet.

So I have hit a dry spell it seems.  

I have not made any code advances in a while on pretty much any project.  I still have a few ideas, but I just do not feel motivated to do any code.

Well, this is not the first time that it has happened.   I do still want to do a Rouge-Like clone, or if at all possible make it better, but I want to do it for Android, or if not that, make it HTML5.

Yes, HTML5.  I despise HTML in all forms, it can not be compiled, the source can be plundered, etc...  But.. I do want to learn it.  Eventually, not right now.

Anyway, this is why mo gallery has been as dead as last week's fish.

Give it time, I will want to do something.  Eventually.

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Tagged by :iconlordreserei: (LordReserei, not bacon...)


1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in the post, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
5. No tag backs.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this"
You legitimately have to tag 10 people.
7. Don't read the rules. Nobody ever reads the rules.
8. Post the tagged journal on this journal.

The Questions that demand to be answered!

1. PC or Mac?
Aww, come ON! I thought that you knew me!  PC!
2. PC gamer, console gamer or both?
Both, kind of.  PC mostly, Android tablet, and PSP 1001.
3. What was your favorite subject in school?
AFJROTC.  I got to tell others what to do :D
4. What is your preferred method of contacting someone (e-mail, phone, text...)?
e-mail, or texting, at times, depends on what is most handy at the moment...
5. Where did you go on your last vacation?
A family vacation to a lake house last year. (and I go to another one in about  2 weeks!)
6. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Went Cow Tipping with friends, 1 guy and 3 girls, then, because we had cow shit on up, went swimming, that turned in to skinny dipping.  And NO, nothing happened.
7. What is the best thing that happened to you this week?
I discovered that I was still alive :D  (Serious cold, thought it was going to kill me)
8. What drink do you usually order with your food?
Coca-cola or Dr.Pepper, although I usually just drink water at home.
9. What's the first thing you notice about a guy/girl?
Glasses, if she has some on, if not, Hair length, then Hair color, then eye color, then body shape.
10. What is biggest regret this week?

Now, I Tag some peoples...

:icondeathshot39: :icondakirby309: :iconkeybrdcowboy: :iconsamiwieciekto: :iconchokesmaster: :icon4bidden404: :icon3m0-swag: :iconknightoftheword: :iconstdevilheart: :iconpeterrollar:

My Questions for them...

1> How long have you been at dA?
2> Why did you decide to join dA?
3> Solids or Stripes?
4> Who is the artist (as in, drawings,own content digital pics, etc...) that you like the most on dA?
5> Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern?
6> What is your FAV Junk Food?
7> Should Jon Snow be acknowledged as a Stark?
8> It you had Tony Starks money and toys, what would you do?
9> Will "Metro" Fail?
10> When you notice a person of the opposite sex, what do you notice first?
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Updated the Git repo for pyCraftr.

* optimizations by Pyglet lead to a FPS increase and general responsiveness.  Wen form 29 FPS to 120 FPS (when standing still) , Average FPS for me seems to be 60-80.  Much better then the standard 18-29 i was getting before.
* keys 1-9 on keyboard above letters bound to the blocks, press a key to lay down that block.
* not-yet-working Preview block of the current block selected.  shows grass block all the time, working on fixing it.
* when flying (Tab), pressing Shift will lower you down, as like how Minecraft does.

Pretty much, a free, limited minecraft simple clone.  Having fun with this, spent about 6 hours in a row looking and learning about Python and Pyglet, seeing what I could tweak.

Hopefully, a full free game will come of this :D

See previous journal entry for how to download, and run this.…
  • Listening to: the sound of my typing.
  • Reading: The Belgariad
  • Watching: Warehouse 13 S01E04
  • Playing: Minecraft and pyCraftr
  • Eating: Reese&#039;s sticks
  • Drinking: Coca Cola
(Warning, lots of text, and it may seem confusing)

So, long story short, a Minecraft "demo" clone (think early alpha creative mode only) source code was released to Reddit, and as how I wanted to learn both Python and OpenGL game creation, I forked it, and started hacking on it.

I have a Repo on Git now (Opensource!) and it is still very, very, VERY limited... But if you want to try it out, you can.

Windows Peoples...

You will need Python (Python 2.7) from (…)
Then, you will need pyglet. (…)

(Linux people do apt-get install python pyglet for .deb systems, make sure it is python 2.7.x)

Finally, the source Git. (

Install Python. Copy the pyglet folder to the c:\python27 folder (go in to the first folder in the zip, drag all of those files in the the c:\python 27 folder), copy all the files.  start up a console (cmd.exe) in the python folder27.  type  python setup pyglet  .

Python will do it's magic and install pyglet.  Then go to my get, d/l as a zip file (look for a button that says "Zip").  unzip to the python27 folder. go in to the folder, right-click main,py, open with IDLE.  Press F5 to run.

World generation is basic, file saving does not exist, keys 1-6 put down different blocks, the world is a LIMITED SIZE.  Press TAB to go between walking and flying.

This is a work in progress.  more blocks coming soon.
  • Listening to: the sound of my typing.
  • Reading: The Belgariad
  • Watching: Continuum Season 1
  • Playing: Minecraft
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Sorry for the delay at the Read Password screen, I had a break point set, and I forgot about it.  Anyway, Video demo of a requested app.  

On first run it needs the Master Key (this is used for encrypting all of the password save files), and the app will not you use any of it's functions with out setting the master key first.  

First time I have tried an app like this.  I DOES NOT hook in to web browsers, so it wont "auto-fill in" passwords.

Anyway, except for a sub to re-edit and change the Master Key, it is finished, in code.  Time spent on this project is 2 hours.…
  • Listening to: the sound of my typing.
  • Reading: The Belgariad
  • Watching: Continuum Season 1
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Cadbury Easter eggs...
  • Drinking: Water. Always Water!